What is the bed & breakfast private room rental agency?

Welcome to our bed & breakfast service. What makes us so special? Our agencies have inspected and categorized all our accommodation offered. We are available on site and will gladly assist you personally. Whether you are looking for a private room, apartment or holiday flat, we have the right offer for every taste and budget.

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from 120 € for 4 persons
from 63 € for 2 persons
from 65 € for 2 persons
from 52 € for 2 persons

Our agencies at one glance

At bed & breakfast you save the long research after an adequate and available accommodation. As soon as you inform us about your wishes, traveldates and number of persons, our agencies choose an accommodation and make a concrete offer

Our host families give you a hearty welcome and offer you a pleasant ambiente for your stay. If you have booked a private room, the host will prepare breakfast for you. Every room can be ordered without breakfast, and if you want to be completely independant: Ask us about holidayflats with an own kitchen.

Each host will be pleased to give you useful tips and information about the town or city you are in. And the private contact is a chance for you to get to know the country and the people. Of course, you are given your own front door key when you arrive so that you are free to come and go as you please.

What categories are there?


The guest room is simply furnished and the bathroom is shared with the host family.


The guest room is comfortably furnished and as a rule it has an en suite bathroom.


The guest room has a particularly stylish ambiente and an en suite bathroom.